Weekly online Mindfulness class

Tried Mindfulness but struggling to keep practising on your own?  

You’re not alone!

It can be so hard to stay motivated, can’t it? Even when we know how beneficial Mindfulness is for us it can be a real challenge to find the time and put our own well-being first…

Sometimes we all need a bit of encouragement and support to stay on track and remind us of why we started practising Mindfulness in the first place and I’m delighted to announce that help is at hand!

This year I am continuing to offer a weekly online Mindfulness class for anyone looking for a mid-week pause and moment of stillness to support their mindfulness practice in a friendly online space.

Each 30 minute session includes a variety of guided practices focusing on deepening awareness of the body and breath, cultivating more kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others, and gentle mindful movement. 

We’re currently taking a break for the summer – please check back in September for more news!

“the sessions have left me with more energy, purpose and calm for the rest of the week.”

Emma, December 2017

“Thank you Sally – this has been a really life-enhancing experience that has helped my mental health, relationships and quality of life! Really enjoyed meeting new people with a shared aim. I always sleep really well afterwards. Great to try lots of different practices and you’re very skilled at planning suitable sessions.”

Kath, March 2018

For more information contact me, email info@mindfulnessinoxford.com or for regular mindful inspiration, tips and resources join the Mindfulness in Oxford mailing list.