Mindfulness for Stress

Do you often feel stressed out by work, relationships or the general ups and downs of life?
If you feel like you’re always racing through life and can’t seem to catch your breath, then this Mindfulness for Stress course could be for you. You will learn practical tools for coping with challenges, reducing tension and boosting your well-being.

Stressful things happen to all of us and often we can’t do very much about them.

Mindfulness helps us to deal with stressful situations by coming back to what’s happening right now. Ok, so you might still be under pressure to get that job done, you may still be stuck in that traffic jam or the weather may be awful – again! But that’s all.

Mindfulness will help you discover that you don’t have to live with all the unhelpful thoughts and feelings that our minds tend to throw up in reaction to stressful experiences. Mindfulness practice doesn’t get rid of problems – while we’re alive we’ll always have problems – it helps us to change our relationship with them.

Courses are 8 weeks long for 2.5 hours each week. Up to 12 people attend the course, during which you will be provided with CDs/audio downloads for home practice, a copy of The Little Mindfulness Workbook by Gary Hennessy, and a home practice journal.

By practising what we learnt I have become calmer and am beginning to feel happier too. Thank you for the opportunity to do this course

Lorna, November 2017

“an excellent eight week course that I would be very happy to recommend to others”.

Ian, November 2018

Join my next Mindfulness for Stress course in Wantage, starting in January! For more details contact wantagemix@gmail.com, or visit https://www.facebook.com/events/469905593527277/


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