Workplace Wellbeing

There’s a reason why some of the most successful organisations in the world like Google, Apple and Nike have turned to Mindfulness to support their employees’ well-being. Mindfulness has been proven to build resilience, reduce absenteeism and boost productivity.

There are many ways to make your workplace more mindful. Whether you are looking for an introductory workshop, a relaxing activity for a team away-day, a weekly after-work class, or a full 8-week Mindfulness for Stress course, we’d love to hear from you!

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Mindfulness for Stress Courses

A little stress is good for us, but chronic stress can lead to anxiety, fatigue, burn-out and physical illness. Mindfulness for Stress courses offer practical tools for building resilience, relieving tension and boosting well-being.

In recent studies, for every £1 invested on a Breathworks Mindfulness course by organisations there was found to be a wider return of at least £5.76 in terms of:

  • reduced absenteeism from work
  • reduced need for GP appointments
  • increased productivity while in work
  • increased energy and positive outlook.

The course typically runs over 8 weeks (20 hours) in groups of up to 16 people, but can be tailored to suit individual workplace needs. Participants receive a copy of The Little Mindfulness Workbook by Gary Hennessy and a selection of guided meditation audio downloads to support home practice and encourage them to continue using mindfulness after the course ends.

Mindfulness Taster Sessions

A Mindfulness Taster Session is a great way to introduce your staff to the core principles and practices of Mindfulness. Sessions for groups of up to 16 people typically last between 1-3 hours and can be tailored to your organisation’s needs.

The focus of these sessions is on creating a relaxed, interactive learning environment with plenty of time to try out different guided practices (mindful eating, mindful movement, meditation etc) and to explore practical ways to bring more mindfulness into everyday life.

Thank you so much for today’s session at Abingdon and Witney College. It was informative, friendly and incredibly useful. Will be recommending to friends and colleagues.

Phoebe, Abingdon and Witney College, April 2018

Case Study: Restore

In 2019 Restore, a local mental health charity, hosted an 8-week Mindfulness for Stress course for their staff. At the end of the course 100% of participants said they had gained something of lasting value from the course. Specific benefits reported included:

– being able to get to sleep more easily

– taking lunch breaks more regularly

– feeling better equipped to deal with stressful situations

– noticing when they are starting to feel stressed and taking action before stress worsens

– being able to let go of negative experiences more easily

I can definitely “check in” with myself more easily now and this means I feel less stressed, even in situations that are stressful. The negative feelings I experience disappear quicker when I embrace them.
Kate, Restore, April 2019

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